Mostly tools week edition

How to find the top 10 issues of 2021

Link: The 10 Most Common Bugs of 2021 So Far, and How to Find Them! | @Bugcrowd

Quick and simple, top types of bugs and resouces or methodology on how to find them.

Tool: Find homographs for arbitrary domains

Link: GitHub - evilsocket/ditto: A tool for IDN homograph attacks and detection.

This just helps you find variants on a domain that use characters that look identical or very very close to a real domain, aiding phishing attacks.

Tool: Target Recon

Link: GitHub - HACKE-RC/webdork: A Python tool to automate some dorking stuff to find information disclosures.

This is designed to help with the recon process, finding things through a search engine that can leak internal details about a target.