Please excuse the dust

What happened?

This is just a quick post to explain the sudden change from to zer0metasec.

0meta Security LLC was my consulting company that I ran for several years. I shut the company down near the end of 2019 when I got a ‘real job’ doing information security work for my current employer.

I’ve been itching to close down the last of that infrastructure, mostly because it presents a liability at this point with almost no upside, aside from hosting articles that still get reasonable traffic (for my hole-in-the-wall little blog).

I have migrated those articles here to this site, under the ‘old content’ heading. They contain broken links that pointed at the old site, but links going externally, as well as images, should still work.

Where is this now?

I’ll write something more involved some other time, but this site is now hosted on IPFS, using some DNS trickery to point the normal DNS name to an IPFS hash. Given the proclivity of late for partisan tech companies to banish speech that they don’t like under the flimsy guise of ‘threats of harm’ and such, I took the preemptive step to make myself much harder to censor. I also control zer0metasec.crypto, which is held on the ethereum blockchain. Once that’s supported with the hosting setup I’ve chosen, I’ll be completely off of traditional, censorable systems.


Well, while I don’t plan to push the boundaries of legal speech on this blog, I do plan to talk about things that I wouldn’t have on my old blog, tied as it was to my business. I contain some spicy opinions in comparison to today’s political climate that will probably leak out here and there on the blog.

That being said, this isn’t an inherantly political blog, and never will be. Where the tech and the politics intersect, I’ll say what I think needs said, but otherwise this blog will continue to be focused on information security.

Additionally, I’ve learned the .Net language F# while I was away from the old blog. I have a WebSocket server and client written that will form the basis of a C2 framework in the future, as well as a port of the ‘old’ version of Seatbelt. I’d like to port other C# code to F# in the future, in order to show off a language that, in my opinion, beats the crap out of C# in nearly every way. (Its object-oriented style is more readable and concise too, if you like writing programs wrong…). I want to write about the process and planning of those projects too.

I’m also toying with a ‘top 3’ weekly feature, partially for my own benefit, about infosec topics that caught my attention.

See you around. 2021 is a turning point in many ways, and I’m eager to watch the turning of the tide away from the centralized, authoritarian systems we’ve seen develop towards resilient systems that benefit the individual.